Thursday, March 5, 2009

U.N. infringing on U.S.?

The United States of America is a sovereign nation with all the rights and responsibilities pertaining to that title. The term Sovereign means the final and supreme lawmaking authority. Are we all on the same page with this? Good. Now, that being said... The United Nations has been, and still is, trying to pass treaties and bans that will infringe upon the sovereignty of our great nation.

The United Nation. An organization that has no legal standing within our nation, or really, in the world. An organization that has its own agenda, of which much is anti-American, because that is the bent of so many of the members within this group. An organization that gets it's headquarters and land RENT-FREE from our country each and every year.

They are already interfering with the private use land rights within our countries boundaries because of agreements made by our government. Read about how the U.N.'s World Heritage Sites are affecting America HERE. It's a shame that we have to learn about this from the Canada Free Press!!!!!

The U.N. is attempting to push through a ban that will ban any and all anti-Islamic speech throughout the world. Sure, they couch it in terms of "protecting" religions across the globe, but the only group specifically mentioned is Islam. No one ever said that you have the right to not be offended, especially if what is said is true.

How does this affect us? Well, it clearly violates the First Amendment of our Bill of Rights. This truly is an abomination across the world and is often used to punish members of other religions and groups. Imagine if they started griping at America to follow it? Do we have strong enough political leaders to withstand the push that the "global community" can put forth? Let us hope so. Let us pray that our government will withstand the push by outsiders to make us conform to some sort of global standard of speech. I am worried about it, but it is something that I will be watching and praying about.

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DivaHick said...

Have you read the Left Behind series? We are already talking about one world bank, now one world religion, the end is near!!!


Art Blomquist said...

The U.N. has far outlived its Utopian ideals. Interesting that it's Islamic factions continue to castigate the very country that houses it. Perhaps the UN should consider moving it's headquarters to Iran.