Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Slowly, I turn, inch by inch...

I believe I have mentioned in the past (though, I am not completely sure) that I have mentioned that the wife and I are new to our area. Well, we have lived in the new state for a little over a year and we will have been in our house for a year in a couple weeks. But the thing is since we moved to this state, I have not been hunting. Let me be honest here, I came to hunting later in life. My grandfather used to, but he had a stroke before I was born and never went again. My parents did not go. This made it much more difficult because I didn't have the people around me to take me and teach me or to make me interested in hunting. I started to be very interested in it as a teenager and thought about it for years but never did anything about it. Then I finally decided that it was time. Because of where I used to live, I ended up going by myself a good bit, but I never did get anything.

Now, in the new state, the bow hunting season for deer is over 3 months long, gun hunting for deer is one week. Which is fine with me, I do prefer the bow anyways, but just look at that discrepancy of time! So I have to prepare!

I should have been practising with the bow for the past few months, but with everything else going on, I have been running out of time. This past weekend, I found some time to get out and do some shooting and working to tune up the bow. I then proceeded to lose two friggin' arrows. Did you know, that arrows are not cheap? 30, 40, 50, and UP for 12 arrows that I will still need to cut and set up. That doesn't include targets, if you use them, if you need a new string, or whatever. That is all ignoring the cost of a bow. Which is definately not cheap!

I currently use a Jennings UniStar. This was produced a while back, but it is a rather unique design. Where most compound bows have their cams on the end wheels where everyone expects them to be, the UniStar put it in the middle of the bow. This unique cam, to me, is probably the best set up for a compound bow that I have ever shot. (Not saying that there aren't better bows or that this is right for anyone else, but for me....) It eliminates uneven pulling and I feel that it doesn't have the same limb stress that comes with the "traditional" compound bow. I have never even needed a stabilizer on the front. I got mine from for $25, but I see them going from $150 to upwards of $350 per bow. Man, I would love a backup bow just in case anything ever happens to my current bow. (So if any of you happen to know of a cheap one or have one laying around that you would like to get rid of, please let me know! Can't pay much, but you would have my gratitude!!!)

Now, I would love to have a well made traditional long bow or even a recurve, but they are even more expensive any more. Some day I will be looking to make my own traditional long bow, but until that day, my UniStar will work for me.

If anyone wants to donate some arrows, that would be appreciated too! I've got about a 30" pull with the bow set about 63# right now. (I know, I am shameless!)

I will be taking some pictures of my arrow groupings and whatnot as I prep for the upcoming hunting seasons. I am hoping to get at least a deer this year. Maybe even some squirrel. :-D

(The picture was pulled from a seller on ebay, not my current bow)


Chris W said...

I love bow hunting.....ok better re-prase that. I love bow SHOOTING. I bought a nice bow years ago and practiced every day all spring and summer. I shot from the ground, I shot from a treestand, I loved it. The time came for season, and I climbed into a tree to wait........and fell asleep LOL. I did every $#@! time! Slight breeze, tree rocking, yep, sound asleep. I gave up after halfway through the 2nd season and traded off for a 22 rifle. I'm thinking about trying it again though, but with a crossbow. Those Hortons are MEAN!

FarmerGeek said...

I have to say, I love bow shooting and hunting (even if I haven't gotten anything when I've gone...), but I have never used a tree stand. Ever. I have had a number of close calls and I now have a ground blind to try out, but I have not been up in the tree. Maybe someday I'll have the money, the time, and the inclination to give one a try!

jim said...

i have an old unistar (needs string ) im in reno nv if any 1 still reads this thread. lol jim

Anonymous said...

If anyone is interested, there is a Jennings Unistar compound bow for sale on eBay:

Gsvitek said...

I have a Jennings UniStar too. Got it on EBAY last year for 50.00. Mine has an Alpine overdraw and it is set at 70#. It shoots almost as fast as my much newer PSE Nova. Jennings always produced excellent equipment. I shoot RedHead Carbon Furys cut to 28 in with 100 gr field points. This bow is smooth as silk, has extremely low recoil, and will absolutely murder a deer.