Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Case for Self-Sufficiency

With wildly fluctuating prices and the future appearing unstable and unsure, now is the time to worry about self-sufficiency (well, the real time is past, but soonest started soonest progress). Once again, you may or may not agree, but please take the time to read through and think about what I am saying. Comment and let me know what you think! Also note, that this is my opinion, you may read somewhere else a different definition or interpretation of what I am saying, and while these are mine, I do not want to have everyone follow my ideas blindly. I would just like to share my ideas.

Self-sufficiency is the ideal that one can survive without anything from outside of oneself. No, not in some wierd way that you don't need to eat or drink or have shelter anymore. More that you can support yourself/your family without needing anything that anyone else can provide. There are various levels on the path of self-sufficiency. One can range anywhere from being a totally self-contained purist, to one who is just beginning and is learning or only doing a small part to ease their burden. There are no musts or goals or requirements to be on this path other than a willingness to learn and to try. To a purist that means no job, nothing that one cannot produce alone and with what is on hand. This is an extremely difficult ideal in today's world because of our dependence on oil and gasoline and things that we do not produce ourselves. I am not saying that this is impossible because it is possible to grow corn and other vegetables that would enable the creation of a bio-diesel product to run vehicles, etc. I merely mean that this is very difficult and beyond what many/most people are interested in. On the other end of the spectrum are the smallest changes that are made. Growing a tomato plant or a small garden. Learning to knit, crochet, or sew. These are some examples of the small changes that can be made, but the list is nigh on endless.

Now, the reasons that people have for being interested in self-sufficiency are as varied as the people themselves. Some people do it for the sense of freedom and accomplishment that they get from doing something and knowing that they did it. Its a sense of pride. Others look at the cost of food and know that it will cost them less money (though more time and effort) to do it on their own. Still others are worried about the planet and the environment and man's impact on them. Some people just enjoy learning and working with their hands. Some do it to be prepared for when the Revolution comes. Finally, probably the most notable and prominent reason right now would be the American economy.

The price of gas has been up and down, and gas affects the price of everything else. There are many people who are asking to know what they can do to help the economy and their own pocket books. The ability to grow your own food and reduce your monthly bills helps us all. Honestly, who wouldn't want some extra cash each month?

Well, it may take some time and effort on you part, but it can be done. In my mind, its more a matter of changing your habits and tastes from store bought, overly sweetened, food to a simpler more healthful version.

Just think, no learning is ever wasted!

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HermitJim said...

Very valid points...and I agree 100%/

Nail on the head, buddy!