Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Overlooked is the Physical

I read a lot, and I read quickly. This means that I get through a lot of material quickly. With my focus being on homesteading, prepping, self-sufficiency, and self-responsibility, I have found a lot of great information about gardening, chickens, goats, composting, firearms, ammo, etc. One thing that I haven't seen anyone talk about (not saying no one has, but that I haven't seen) is Physical preparedness.

Now, I want to be fair, so let me explain where I am coming from up front. I'm 6'2", almost 300#, I smoke, I drink occasionally, and I love greasy and rich foods. However, I am rather strong, can trudge and can work the day away at physical labor. I completely tore my Posterior Cruciate Ligament (PCL) completely out of my one knee over 10 years ago and never had surgery or anything to fix this. So I am not coming from a place where I can run 4 minute miles, eat no fat or carbs, have 0% body fat, etc etc etc. Along with my stats up there, I should also mention that I hold a "black belt" level in Shaolin Chang Chuan (Chinese Kung Fu) and wrestled, collegate-style, through middle and high school.

Ok, so all of that being said, what is the primary tool that each and all of us have in our quest for preparedness and self-sufficiency? Our bodies. If we don't keep our bodies in good working order, how can we expect to plant those seeds or carry the feed for the animals? If you don't have the stamina to go out and weed and plant and harvest your crops, they aren't going to do much good, now are they? Are you going to be able to walk out into the woods and stay awake in a freezing cold morning to take game for the family to eat?

Now, I am not going to say that there aren't people who are prepping and trying to become self-sufficient who don't have physical ailments and disabilities. These are some big obstacles to overcome, and there are ways to work around some of these things. It takes some new innovations and an iron will to overcome many of these things.

If you don't have these for reasons, are you physically able to protect and provide for yourself and your family?


Chris W said...

I'm working on it myself, thus the reason for the bicylce I posted about a few months ago. I'm also working on some stretching exercises since my back isn't what it used to be. Ah..the price of being a pipefitter.

FarmerGeek said...

Stretching is always good, and riding the bike is a great way to build up stamina. Plus you know at this time that you can spend the time in the garden to get a good yield to feed the family. :-)

HermitJim said...

You know...I have to admit that I think this has been in the back of my mind for a long time. I haven't done a lot about it, but I need to start!

Thanks for reminding me that now is the time to start, not later!

mmpaints said...

I broke my back in the coalmines a few years ago but after a few rods and some healing, I'm heavier than I've ever been but at least walking. Last summer I baled an picked up 1800 bales of hay with my 14 yr old son for help. We tend our farm ourselves, he and I. I might be heavier than I want, but I'm sure no slacker. Maybe I need to quit the home made pastries?

Joel the K said...

This is a very good point to bring up. I bet 1 mile fast walking 5 times per week with a loaded back pack on, would help get me in better shape. Man. This is a KILLER point Farmer-G. Anytime I dont want to think about something, thats usually what i should be thinking about.

FarmerGeek said...

Thanks for leaving a comment, everyone. I'm glad that everyone recognizes that there are a lot of different ways to prep for this, and that others recognize that this is an important prep for so many different reasons.

Stay tuned! I've got more coming. This week I actually managed to have a post scheduled each day!

Virtual Eve said...

Hi! You are right. I was glad to have the reminder. Preparedness should revolve around our physical condition. Thanks! I'm looking forward to more from your blog.

FarmerGeek said...

Thanks for stopping by. I hope some of the things that get put on here are able to help you. I strive to be interesting! Stop on back and let me know how I am doing. Thanks!

erniesjourney said...

Hey you are correct - not much talk about it but we are preparing our bodies too - Berkey water filter, Enerfoods and some herbs etc - trying to detox a little and get some strength back. So, you are not alone - and I smoke too LOL!
God Bless and Prep On