Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Music in my Head

Music... that strange and mysterious beast that can take your mind to the next level, or make you want to scratch your eardrums out with a spoon. If you've ever tried learning an instrument, its probably made you want to bust whichever instrument over your head and throw it in the fireplace.

I personally, have a love/hate relationship with music. I love to listen to it, but I hate that it makes me want to play and I'm really not that good. (Practice, what the heck is that?) But as I sit here with my headphones on, I think about what I like to listen to. Now, I am eclectic as all get out, and there is very little that I wouldn't listen to. That being said, I do have my preferences on what I will put on when I am in control of the dial. I do tend to prefer music with verses that actually mean something rather than just being repetitive. Also, I really like songs that tell a story or have some meaning instead of just something to fill the airwaves with.

The following are listed in the order of whatever the heck I feel like as I write this. LOL, or In No Particular Order.

1) Country -- American country that is, anything from Hank Sr. thru Big & Rich.
2) Celtic -- Traditional and Rock, I like them both, depends on my mood.
3) Traditional/Folk -- yup yup.
4) Rock -- Prog and Classic.
5) Classical -- great for when you need something but still need to think.
6) Everything else -- I can't think of anything else that deserves its own category right now.

Now, some of these are pretty well known categories, and there are plenty of things written on the 'net about them, so I am nto going to go into depth on all of them, but I do think there are some bands that just need to be mentioned because, well, because I like them and I feel like it. How's about that?

1) Celtic -- Glengarry Bhoys, Great Big Sea, Tommy Makem, Andy Stewart, Silly Wizard... lots more too, but these are some places to start.
2) Rock -- I just love me some Rush, they are Frickin Awesome. Gwar cracks me up, and has decent music (don't listen with children around!).
3) Misc. -- They Might Be Giants is pretty spiffy. Moxy Fruvous was another awesome one. Ok, call me sick, call me twisted, call me disgusting, but I like John Valby. The guy is a sick twisted freak, but I love it. It cracks me up, yo. Also, I like me some Wierd Al, and yes, he does do original music and for the most part, its better than his covers!

Ok, I think that's about enough of an insight into my twisted mind for now.

Until Next Time...


HermitJim said...

Well, I have to admit that is an eclectic mix of music...but you know, it doesn't matter what catagory music falls into, the important thing is that it can reach deep down inside and touch something!

I have several favorites like that and they really give me a strange feeling when I hear them!

Good post.

Joel the K said...