Friday, February 13, 2009

Everyone knows, it's Windy.

Stupid song, been in my head for a while now. Well, as I am not sure where everyone is from, I will toss in my $.02 about this. We've had some high winds for the past couple of days, and there was some damage done. Seems our house escaped unscathed (Thank God!), but a couple people have posted some pictures of some of the damage (Chris @ 1acreohiohomestead & DivaHick).

This got me thinking. My dinky little chicken coop, that I rushed and didn't plan out very well, is hopefully going to be replaced this summer. This time I intend on doing it right and planning everything out. Also, I am hoping to be able to put up a large shed/barn this year as well. Man would it be nice to get the straw and feed out of the basement!

With all of the wind that we had (and its not the first time), and the melting snow/rain that we had, I have to make sure that the new coop and barn aren't going to sink in mud and that they aren't going to blow away. Now, I have gotten a couple books about barns and pole buildings and animal housing and whatnot, and they seem to be very useful books. I am just thinking that I am actually lucky that this happened again so that we know that last falls wind storm was not a freak accident, but rather something that will need to be taken into account.

Have you thought about your weather? Just remember, if you are looking to move to a homestead or a farm or something in a completely new area, you are bound to run into things like this. Things that make you go, "Gee, it wasn't like this back at (insert location here)".

"Be Prepared" that's the Boy Scout motto. Boy, aren't those Scouts' smart!


HermitJim said...

Hey FG...from what I've been reading, I think that pole building is the way to go. Plenty of strength, it seems to me.

Good luck with it.

Chris W said...

If I get that song stuck in my head, I'm driving to your place with a big stick!!!

FarmerGeek said...

Bring it on, Chris! I've got beer and smokes, and plenty of projects to be done! After you finish beating me, you could help me with some of them! I offer food and drink as payment!

Aimee said...

No kidding! We were warned, when we looked at this property "you get a lot of weather up on this ridge," but somehow we didn't think to translate that into regular 70 mph winds. We can't keep shingles on the barns.

FarmerGeek said...


I feel your pain!

Ever thought of swapping over to a tin/metal roof? Then you can really screw them down and brace them tight and you don't have individual shingles to worry about.