Wednesday, February 11, 2009

States Rights vs. Federal Rights

The United States of America. Greatest nation on Earth. One of the most misunderstood structure in the world.

The Constitution of the US clearly delimits the rights that the Federal government has. These are clearly delimited and defined. The rights of the States are EVERYTHING ELSE!

James Madison wrote in the Federalist paper #45:

The powers delegated by the proposed Constitution to the federal government, are few and
defined. Those which are to remain in the State governments are numerous and indefinite.
The former will be exercised principally on external objects, as war, peace, negotiation, and
foreign commerce; with which last the power of taxation will, for the most part, be connected.
The powers reserved to the several States will extend to all the objects which, in the ordinary
course of affairs, concern the lives, liberties, and properties of the people, and the internal
order, improvement, and prosperity of the State.

Now, I can see that people may say that the Federalist papers were not actual legal or governmental documents. Fair enough. So let's take a look at some governmental documents.

The Constitution of the United States of America outlines the rights and responsibilities of each branch of the federal government. These are specifically designated to each branch to create the checks and balances system. Ok, well, what does it say about States Rights? Not a darned thing!

The Bill of Rights was created because:

The conventions of a number of the States having at the time of their adopting the
Constitution, expressed a desire, in order to prevent misconstruction or abuse of its
powers, that further declaratory and restrictive clauses should be added.
(added emphasis is mine)

However, the Bill of Rights states in Amendment 10:

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the
States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

What does all this mean to you? Well, what I take from all of this is that a lot of what the government is trying to do is UNCONSTITUTIONAL! That's right, its not constitutional. Has that stopped them for the past 80 years? Nope, but we need to make sure that people are aware of this.

Some states have been making strides to remind the federal government about this fact. They are not trying to seceed or take power from the government, but they are trying to remind the federal government and warning it to watch it's step.

Follow the trail of information, and after the links that outline this, I am including the list of links to each state that has a resolution or bill regarding this. If you know of any state that I have not included, please let me know and post it in the comments! Thanks to everyone who did the research and brought this forward to my attention!

The Republic of Dave
WorldNet Daily
In Jennifer's Head

New Hampshire

Take a minute, think about this and I encourage everyone to read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights because these are the heart and soul of this country. They are the founding documents and the rules that everying in America was based on.

God Bless America.


HermitJim said...

Thanks for bringing this topic up for discussion, my friend. It's about time that the backroom boys in D.C. are reminded that some folks ARE paying attention...

Good post

American Way Farm said...

Wasn't there already a war fought over states rights? And they lost! At this point I don't think the federal government is worried about trampling anyone's rights and I fear we are headed for another civil war. Being from NH I hope we finally decide to live up to our state motto "Live free or die". Enjoyed looking through your blog. -Sandy

ckairnes68 said...

It is very encouraging to see so many like-minded folks out there. We here in Rhode Island have been working without sleep to get the 10th amendment re-affirmed and have finally convinced State Representative Joe Trillo to introduce into legislation our labor of love. Whether or not it passes a floor vote matters not. Of course we would love that. If it doesn't we will take names and expose the Marxists for who they really are. Our next step would be NULLIFICATION !!!!!of all, I repeat all unconstitutional laws being levied upon us.

Your Friend in the Fight for Our Rights,
Christopher R. Kairnes

Adam said...

You may want to check out the opinion of the main author of the Federalist Papers, Alexander Hamilton. His interpretation of the Constitution is one of the most influential ever. He is largely responsible for the amount of authority granted to the federal government.

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