Saturday, December 6, 2008

Black Coffee

Whatever happened to coffee being the staple drink of people? On top of that, whatever happened to black coffee? All you hear about is Mocha this and whipped that with caramel and sprinkles on top. Stinkin' fancy pants coffee houses.

Within the last month or two, I have switched myself over from putting cream and sugar into my coffe, to drinking it black. Every once in a great while, I want to put some cream and sugar in to my cup (especially if its REALLY bad coffee), but for the most part, I drink it straight from the pot. It is really interesting to see what new flavors you find when you drink it this way instead of covering it up with all the other misc. crud that people dump in to their mugs.

Thinking about it, people on the prairie and in pioneer days drank their coffee black because sugar was scarce. You might have some milk or cream if you had a cow or some goats, but sugar? Good luck with that. Maybe for Christmas or some other really special occaision, but every day, multiple times a day? I don't think so, scooter!

Now to show how odd my mind works, you take all these people ingesting sugar in coffee and pop every day, all day, and what do you get? That's right, an overly obese population! Caffiene is one of the best metabolism boosters, LEGAL boosters, on the market today. It increases metabolism, increases mental focus, and it increases the body's functioning capabilities by increasing blood flow. Why do you think all of the diet pills feature it so prominently? But when you pile sugar and fat on top of it, you lose any benefit that you might have gained. Even that high fat, low carb diet (you know which one) offers you the choice to drink coffee in the morning because they knew it would increase your metabolism and promote weight loss. And I'm not even going to touch on the fake chemicals that some people put in their coffee (and pop and tea and and and...!). At least sugar occurs naturally in nature.

Since I have started drinking my coffee black, I can't count the number of strange looks that I have gotten at restaurants, gas stations, etc when I just take it black. "Cream and sugar with that?" they ask. "No thank you" I reply. Warning, nutso, cuckoo, etc. You can see it through their eyes. To be fair, not everyone looks at me funny, but many have.

So as I sit here, back from my mornin' chorin' and drinking my first cup of hot black coffee, these are the thoughts that run through my brain. Have a good morning and I'm sure I'll touch base a little later after we run out and do some of the errands we have on our list for today.

Until Later....


Chris W said...

I drink mine with just a little cream, always have. Lately I've taken to making fresh ground coffee on a stove top perculator, that stuff'll definitly wake you up!! My sis gave me a grinder they don't use anymore, and I got a perculator a few years back for camping, what a perfect pair they make.

I don't get the whole starbucks/flavored coffee thing either. If you don't like the taste of coffee....don't drink it!!! "yes, I'll take a grande mocha-monkey-java-nut-caramel-latte with foam and chocolate sprinkles"...."yes maam, that will be $6.50"...are you outta your mind???????????? Besides, I don't wanna spend 3-4 bucks or more on some frilly hot drink that tastes like hot candy. Gimme the old rot-gut gas station wake yer ass up coffee anyday.
This reminded me of something, I think you'll get as much of a laugh out of it as I did.

FarmerGeek said...

Hey, thanks for passing the article along! It is interesting. Ok, so I want to smack one or two of the people interviewed once or twice, but other than that... not bad. You know its bad when these urbanites start doing it too, but they are even worse off than those of us who live in the country because they can't have well water and septic tanks. They can't have poultry or farm animals or large gardens to support themselves.

It's good to see that some of the thoughts that make those of us in the country stock up and worry about the future affect the urbanites too.

Thanks for passing that article along!

Chris W said...

Yea, it's interesting to see those kinda people stocking too, though I did have to laugh out loud at kungpau chicken and chocolate bars! And the whole "wearing camo so I match" was hilarious. I gotta give them credit though, at least these people see the writing on the wall, and I imagine where he is, he could make a pretty penny from the frilly things he's stocking.

FarmerGeek said...

It is interesting to see who can read the writing on the wall, and what they do about it.

I had to laugh about the one family who tried the MREs and didn't like them, so he stocked M&Ms for the kids instead. If things truly get that bad, you're kid will be so hungry that they will eat that MRE and like it! Geeze. Some people's kids, y'know!

But I imagine you are right. All those backpacks that the one guy is using for storage. Bet they are all brand new, probably something fancy like LL Bean backpacks. Meanwhile, I'm using burlap and old army duffels. Add in the fact that a 5gal bucket of flour will take up the same amount of room as some of the things that they are stocking, and will feed you for a lot longer... well, to each their own, and every little bit helps.