Monday, December 8, 2008

Hot Face, Cold Face, Red Face, Blue Face...

The weather has been quite... ahem.. chilly recently. Nighttime temperatures around 20 with windchills being a bit below that, and the house being perched directly in the path of wind. All of the wind, doesn't matter what direction its blowing from, its hitting the house, and that means it hits the wife or I as we go out to do our chorin' or any work on any projects that we have going on right now. So while my wife, DivaHick, was complaining a bit the other day that her face is getting windburned and a bit red, I was only able to offer my sympathies as I sat scratching my fully bearded chin.

I know, I know, its not fair, but it got me thinking... I've already discussed my preference for facial hair removal, but why is it that men going through the process of removing facial hair every day or every other day.

Take a walk down the street of a bigger city and you will probably see a whole bunch of facial hair styles. The goatee, the "flavor saver", the bootstrap... but honestly, you don't see many full beards anymore. Some men still keep the moustache only, but they are not all that popular. It seems to me that the more rural you go, the more likely you are to find a full beard on the face of a guy that works outdoors all day.

Now, I'm not saying every guy should or could grow a beard or some sort of facial hair. But it does make sense to me that if you work outside in the cold and the wind, that you would want all of the protection that you can get. Let me clarify something... I do not work outside all day. I work outside before I go to my job and when I get home, but during the day I am in an office all day for now. I would love to hear from some people who do work outside and who choose not to grow a beard. Why?

I also realize that I may be in a minority in that my wife likes me with facial hair. I don't hear daily griping to shave or anything like that. Once in a while, I'll hear that I need to trim some areas, but nothing about shaving it all off. So maybe that plays a larger part to this all than I realize, but that is why I am asking for information. This is just how it seems to me.

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Chris W said...

I grow a beard or gotee every winter. I'm not always outside, but it's rarely heated in new buildings I am working on. It's just a little added insulation. I normally shave it off when it warms up, sometimes even sooner the past few years when I would realize my whole chin was white. Now that my hair is just as bad, I just might keep Lisa likes it, and you gotta get those brownie points where ya can!!haha